Ideas and recipes to know what to do with the chicken from the previous day

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Ideas and recipes to know what to do with the chicken from the previous day

In this article we are going to give you a lot of ideas to know what to do with the leftovers of the chicken from the previous day. We are going to choose to recycle, reuse and reduce waste that is more benefits for everyone, including our planet. To which we will add the economic savings that it entails.

Therefore, we say yes to the kitchen of use and in this type of cuisine, the king is the chicken, and more if it is fried. So, when you wonder what to do with the chicken of the previous day, here are some suggestions: First of all, if you do not intend to use the leftovers immediately, after eating freeze the chicken remains in a bag, it will occupy you much less in the freezer. The easiest thing is that you separate the meat from the bone, and you stay only with that mince. And do it after eating, do not leave it in the fridge for many days. Food should be frozen in perfect condition. Now, let’s go with the ideas to take advantage of that chicken, as you will see they are easy and tasty:

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  • Chicken salad. Any salad you prepare admits a few chicken taquitos on top. It’s the good thing about chicken, it goes well with everything. On a green salad of varied lettuces; with spinach; tomato and cucumber; and any of the varied pasta or rice salads, quinoa, etc., that you prepare. In addition, you can complete it with seeds, nuts, toast and any sauce or the classic oil, salt and vinegar. A splash of extra virgin olive oil Capricho by Sandúa Arbequina and you will be to suck your fingers!
  • Chicken croquettes. Grandma’s classic kitchen works like a charm. The chicken croquettes that you can complete with ham taquitos and hard-boiled egg, are a guaranteed success. And, for frying, you can use Sandúa pomace oil, or Sandua high oleic sunflower oil. Both are special oils for frying and resist high temperatures. You can also make some delicious nuggest with those chicken leftovers. Cut the chicken into strips or pieces of the size you prefer, batter with a thick bread preparation, fry and go!
  • The vegetable also feels very good about chicken. That typical baked cauliflower au gratin is tastier with traces of roasted chicken. Also, spinach sautéed with chicken and pine nuts are a plus. And, of course, any vegetable cream, to which you add pieces of chicken leftovers on top, will be more than rich. Accompany it with a splash of extra virgin olive oil Gran Selección Sandúa raw and you have it ready to eat.
  • Pasta with chicken. Replace the meat you normally use for any of your pasta dishes with those chicken scraps. In lasagna, in spaghetti bolognese, with macaroni, etc.
  • Rice with chicken is another recipe with leftover fried or roasted chicken from the previous day. It also incorporates some vegetables such as chopped onion, garlic and peppers and you already have a unique dish that will have solved a meal, and it is healthy and healthy.
  • Along with chicken croquettes, dumplings are another of the recipes that everyone likes. Fry with the special oils for frying Sandúa, olive pomace oil or high oleic sunflower oil and they will be delicious. Mix the leftover chicken meat with hard-boiled egg and tomato sauce and you will get a delicious filling of dumplings.
  • The empanada with remains of roasted or fried chicken, with the same filling of the dumplings is also one of the recipes with chicken leftovers that give very good results. And if you want to innovate, the French version in quiche, using a puff pastry base and covering with béchamel to which you add the chicken, and gratinas with cheese. Rich, rich!
  • Continuing with the easy baked recipes, pizza is also a great option in the kitchen of food scraps. Add chicken leftovers to typical ingredients like tomato sauce and cheese, and place arugula and nuts or raisins over. Do not forget to sprinkle with a splash of extra virgin olive oil Sandúa Premium Cosecha Seleccionada, and baked. How good!
  • When what you have left over are grilled chicken fillets from the previous day, the option that will applaud you the most at home is the next. Place on top of each steak a slice of cheese, another of ham and cover with a fine béchamel. Batter with flour, egg and breadcrumbs and fry with the best oils for frying, Sandua olive pomace oil or Sandúa high oleic sunflower oil.
  • The steaks are also used to make delicious snacks for picnics or on your trips to the mountains. Complete them with lettuce, sliced cheese and tomato slices, a little Sandúa extra virgin olive oil and voila!
  • And, of course, there is no lack of traditional chicken soup to complete this list of recipes for use. A good broth feels requetebién at any time of the year and you can also freeze it for that fumet of your next paella.

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