Organic Spanish Bottles Of Vinegar that Make The Perfect Gift For Food Lovers

Our superb wine bottles of vinegar are available in attractive collections of 5 mini bottles of red and white wine vinegars and a beautiful hand-painted wooden box of 12 different minis. Or you could make up your own collection of the larger 250ml bottles. Choose from 20 different wines and apple vinegar. These are the perfect gift for all cuisine lovers, especially those a fan of Spanish cuisine! These gifts are unique and packaged beautifully ready to be given to that special someone to brighten up a special day for them.

spanish vinegars


Our miniatures are presented in an elegant case that brings together our range of red wine vinegars: Apple, Chardonnay, Cava, Riesling and Musca. These beautiful white vinegars can complement even the most demanding persons palette with rich and gorgeous taste straight from the wonders of Spain. This versatile liquid presents a treasure trove of uses for cleaning, gardening and cooking. It even has medicinal applications, too.

White vinegar is comprised of acetic acid (about 5-10%) and water (about 90-95%), which yields a vinegar with an incredibly clean, crisp, strong taste. It’s the result of a fermentation process where tons of little microorganisms eat and process alcohol (ethanol), dispensing the tart, pungent liquid we know as vinegar. You can make vinegar out of anything that has alcohol in it—wine, hard apple cider, and even beer—and white vinegar is made from a vodka-esque spirit distilled from grain.

Brightening up something like salsa verde or even a pot of chili is also an option. Really though, we love white vinegar for making pickles, especially when we don’t have a lot of time to really go crazy and ferment them. If we were looking to top larb or curry or pizza with some quick-pickled shallots or onions, white vinegar is our trusty companion.

Soaking chopped vegetables for as little as an hour or two in a jar of white vinegar leaves you with a tangy, acidic, ready-to-go version of whatever ingredient you were looking at an hour ago. Pickle lovers will absolutely adore this vinegar as you can pickle vegetables within hours ready to go the same day!

Popular uses of white vinegar in the kitchen:

  • Pickles: When paired with pickling spices and water, white vinegar makes a great base for crafting a wide array of quick pickles, including vegetables, fruits and eggs.
  • Salads: A splash of white vinegar can brighten up the flavor of some types of traditional and composed salads. Always start with a small amount and conduct a taste test before adding more — it’s easy to go overboard and ruin the dish!
  • Marinades and sauces: White vinegar gives an extra zing of flavor to marinades and sauces. In marinades, the acid in the vinegar also functions as a tenderizing agent for meats, seafood and vegetables.
  • Baking: White vinegar can be used alongside baking soda as a leavening agent for baked goods. The acidic vinegar reacts with the alkaline baking soda and releases carbon dioxide gas that helps baked goods rise.
  • Cheesemaking: Some cheeses can be crafted from milk and white vinegar. When added to milk, acidic vinegar alters the milk proteins, allowing the curds and whey to separate. The result is a mild, soft cheese.

Some of the possible health benefits of vinegar include:

  • Blood sugar control: Some human studies have found that ingesting vinegar may reduce both blood sugar and insulin levels after a meal.
  • Weight management: Some studies indicate that consuming vinegar may increase fullness by slowing the rate at which the stomach empties, possibly leading to reduced calorie intake and subsequent weight loss.
  • Reduced cholesterol: Animal studies have shown reduced cholesterol in mice given vinegar. Ultimately, more research is needed to determine a cause-and-effect relationship between vinegar and cholesterol.
  • Antimicrobial: Because of its antimicrobial properties, vinegar may be useful for treating physical ailments including nail fungus, warts and ear infections. It’s also an effective topical treatment for skin infections and burns.
spanish vinegars


This gorgeous selection of vinegar is made with beautiful precision to cater to the most sensitive taste buds, they offer a beautiful tasting experience and can change a meal. Red wine vinegar is a staple ingredient in Mediterranean cooking. It’s known for its delicious and distinctive tangy flavor. Red wine vinegar is a popular choice for vinaigrettes and is also frequently used in marinades and pickling solutions. Not only are these tasty they offer many health benefits so dont be shy about getting a set of vinegar for yourself!

Potential Health Benefits of Red Vinegar

Red wine vinegar and balsamic vinegar are featured prominently in the Mediterranean diet, a much-publicized way of eating with many health benefits. Red wine vinegar contributes to the healthful nature of the diet in a few important ways.

Managing Blood Sugar – One study of healthy adults found that daily consumption of red wine vinegar was linked to lower blood sugar (blood glucose) levels.

Other studies have shown that vinegar is effective at reducing blood sugar spikes and improving insulin sensitivity in people with type 2 diabetes.

Antitumor Effects – While the research remains limited, lab studies of vinegar on leukemia (blood cancer) cells and other cancer cells have indicated that vinegar may have antitumor properties for certain types of cancer. Vinegar contains polyphenols, plant antioxidants that have been proven to reduce cancer risk.

spanish vinegars


Light Pink wooden box with selection of 12 40ml mini-bottles of vinegar

This selection of 12 40ml mini bottles of Vinegar presented in a hand-crafted Light Pink Wooden Box is perfect for vinegar lovers, they won’t be running out for a long time and will be thanking you for it. There are also olive and mint green versions of this box selection available!

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