Moscatel Balsamic Wine Vinegar – (Spray) 0.25L


Made with the finest Mediterranean wines that are able to seduce the most demanding palates.

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  • Product Information

    Moscatel Balsamic Wine Vinegar in a spray bottle.

  • Use

    The Mediterranean and slightly sweet aromas of this vinegar allow us to use in a wide range of recipes.

    We recommend using it to dress tomato salads since it will balance the acidic notes. It is also ideal for pickling or marinating oily fish and for dressing sweet raisin or dried fruit salads.

    Especially recommended: with strawberrie

  • Ingredients

    Moscatel wine vinegar, concentrated grape must, preservative: potassium bisulphate.

  • Storage & Care

    Keep in cool, dry place

  • Nutritional Information

    Average Contents per 100ml

    Energy 422Kj/101kcal

    Total Fat 0g

    Saturated Fat 0g

    Total Carbohydrate 25g

    Sugar 25g

    Protein 0g

    Salt 0g


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