Red Rice: Health Benefits

Red Rice. Health benefits and why you need to try it!

Red rice is a type of unpolished rice that has a much higher nutritional value when compared to white rice or even polished rice. Cooking time is noticeably more than white rice. It also has a very distinct nutty flavour.

red rice

Its fibre content is rich, as well as Vitamin B1 & B2, iron and calcium. Because of its higher nutritional content and health advantages, it is great for anybody with medical heart conditions, as well as diabetics. On top of this it is loved by health experts as well as fitness fanatics because its high fibre content helps weight loss.


A Brief History of Red Rice

The origin of red rice goes back to China, during the Tang dynasty of A.D. 800. Red rice served two purposes: culinary and medicinal.

Culinarily, it is used like a food colouring but also serves as a dietary staple in many parts of China.

In traditional Chinese medicine, red rice includes a history of naturally handling a number of health issues, which range from increasing blood flow to weight loss.