Aceite de Las Valdesas

The Country Farm

Finca Las Valdesas, olive trees and olive mill

The Valdesas farm is located in the geographical center of Andalusia, South of Córdoba in full countryside, in the municipality of Puente Genil.

It is located on the left bank of the river Genil, which takes water to irrigate the olive grove.

The farm consists of Valdesas its olive grove; his farmhouse, typical of indigenous building; and its oil mill and wine cellar. All this allows us to completely control the entire process of production of our oils, from the planting of olive trees, fruit growth, harvesting olives, milling, storage, and packaging.

The traceability of our extra virgin olive oil is completely guaranteed. Our customers are assured of eating authentic extra virgin olive oil of Andalusia. In fact, thanks to Google Maps, you can see exactly the plots of olive grove from which the olive oil with extra virgin olive The Valdesas comes from.

The Olive Grove

Olive grove from Las Valdesas (Andalusia)Our farm ‘Las Valdesas’ is located in the geographical center of Andalusia, in the countryside south of Cordoba, in the town of Puente Genil.

Five types of olives are grown in our own olive grove: Arbequina, Hojiblanca, Picual, Manzanillo and Frantoio.

The grove is part of an Integrated Production Group, which regulates agriculture by limiting the use of fertilizers and pesticides, and allows us to develop a healthier and more natural olive oil, while practicing an environmentally friendly way of farming.

At ‘Las Valdesas’ we pick our olives before they mature to obtain a high quality fruity olive oil. Since each variety has a different optimal timing of maturation, we harvest each variety at its premium.

Harvesting is done solely from olives still in the trees, and no lolives are picked from the ground, thus ensuring the good condition of the fruit.

Therefore, at ‘Las Valdesas’ we think we make one of the best extra virgin olive oils from Andalusia.

In our videos you can see the steps of oil processing.

The traceability of extra virgin olive oil ‘Las Valdesas’ is fully guaranteed. With Google Earth you can see exactly the plot of olive groves from which the olives come from to produce extra virgin olive oil ‘Las Valdesas’.

The Mill

The Mill at Las Valdesas Hacienda

The mill, located at the farm, only mills the olives from our own olive grove.

To prevent oxidation and deterioration of the olive, milling is performed in less than a day from their collection.

The oil production process consists mainly in a cold extraction by centrifugation, and immediately is stored unfilteredin our silos of our cellar. With all this we get an extra virgin olive oil of high quality.

To avoid losing flavor and nutrients present in the oil, we store our oil in stainless steel tanks in the mill in an inert atmosphere of nitrogen.

We only pack on demand, so that our customers can enjoy our extra virgin olive oil impregnated with fruity aromas and freshly milled taste.

The environment

Compost from alperujo. Las Valdesas

‘Las Valdesas’ olive grove belongs to an Integrated Production Association (A.P.I.), which offers a model of agriculture between conventional and organic farming in order to develop agricultural products of high quality, and ensures long-term sustainability farming practices from a environmental and economical view point.


The olive grove has a traditional plantation frame and the harvest is done with conventional means, without using industrial collectors.

The olive harvest is done during the day, which does not damage the native and migratory birds that inhabit and take refuge in our olive trees.


On the other hand , at ‘Las Valdesas’ we have implemented a composting process for the alperujo, leftover from the milling process which contains water, pits and some oil. Once composted, is used as soil fertilizer at our farm. This comprehensive closed-cycle oil production minimizes the amount of waste.