Aceites Sandúa

Aceites Sandua

Founded by Lorenzo Sandúa Macaya in 1975, the family-owned Aceites Sandua has been producing, bottling, selling and distributing vegetable oils in Ablitas, in the South of Navarre, a traditional olive-growing area. With over 5,000 m2 of facilities and a large area of excellent quality native olive groves, the company has grown to be among the top twenty in the oil sector of Spain.

In recent years, never losing its traditional family character, its facilities have been improved and extended, including its own laboratory and a tasting room, to serve customers and suppliers and to provide training in the best uses of oil.

Alongside the headquarters of Sandúa, there are large groves of native olives of the highest quality to produce the best extra virgin olive oils in Navarre. It has been fundamental to Sandua from the start to differentiate itself by the quality of its products and a continuous improvement plan, based on key aspects such as food safety, quality management and environmental care. The company holds the IFS and BRC international quality certificates, which it renews every year to meet all the required parameters.

Sandúa’s R&D Department develops new products to meet the demands and needs of the market with a wide range of oils aimed at cooking professionals. Customers are supported by the company’s training workshops on the proper use of oil, how to appreciate its organoleptic qualities and the appropriate ways of using it.

Sandua exports its olis to more than 20 countries.