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Badia Vinagres is a century-old family-run company devoted to making artisan vinegars of the highest quality. Five generations of the Badia family have retained their master vinegar making traditions alongside modern technology and imaginative development of a new generation of vinegars and bittersweets made with the finest Mediterranean wines.

As Agustí Badia says: “Good wine makes good vinegar” on which premise, Badia Vinagres works hand in hand with its wine suppliers to ensure that, vintage after vintage, vinegars can be adapted to meet the changing market trends and tastes. The result today is an outstanding range of vinegars produced with care and passion by Agustí , his daughters, Judit and Marta, and, of course, their small, dedicated team.

Badia’s vinegars are produced their factory in Mollarussa, a small town in the Catalan province of Lleida. Most of the world’s wine vinegar uses fast, industrial fermentation systems for producing high volumes of vinegar with few sensory layers. During the fermentation process, only the alcohol from the wine becomes vinegar. The other aromas and flavours only stay in the vinegar if the method used is slow and delicate.
There are still some producers using traditional fermentation processes. To our great good fortune, Badia Vinagres chose to stick with a traditional method that has been used for almost 200 years. Invented in 1823 by the German chemist Schützenbach, the method consists of a slow and painstaking fermentation process to extract the best features of vinegar and its base wine in order to better preserve the aromas and flavours, achieving just the right touch of acidity.
Special mention should be given to the last step of the manufacturing process of Badia’s Riesling and Merlot bittersweets, which is followed by a maturing stage in carefully selected French oak barrels. During this aging phase, the wood incorporates aromas from the exchange reactions between the two materials, thus refining and balancing the resulting vinegar. In their Mollarussa factory, machines with the latest technology sit side by side with older machines that have been inherited from earlier generations – a place of contrasts where modernity and tradition go hand in hand.
Tasting Badia’s vinegars, particularly the wine vinegars and bittersweets, has been a voyage of discovery in which, more than ever before, we have begun to appreciate the delicacy and subtle differences in flavour. These vinegars are as good as vinegars come.

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