CARMENCITA: Jesus Navarro SA, Novelda, Alicante

Jesús Navarro Valero was born in 1928 in Novelda, Alicante where his father had established a saffron business that he would later take over and make famous throughout the world of spices. In the early 1990’s, Jesús took over the reins of the family business, following ably in his father’s footsteps and making it even more successful.

Jesús created the Carmencita brand, named after his sister. The Carmenita logo, an image of his sister, wearing a typical Andalusian hat, is familiar to all lovers of Spanish foods.

From its modest beginnings in 1920, Carmencita now has a range of more than 700 products sold throughout the world. One of the largest producers of spices in Europe, Carmencita has invested heavily in its production facilities and is now at an advanced stage in the construction of a new 30,000 m² factory scheduled to open in 2023’ It will become the largest and most modern spice factory in Europe.

Carmencita’s family business has always been innovative.  It was the first to think of mixing and packaging the spices necessary to make paella, giving rise to the “Paellero” sachet, so closely associated with the brand. Carmencita is constantly investing in the research and development of new employing the skills of a chef of recognised standing in creating new ranges of spices and flavourings, always with their own blends.