Mixed Beans






It all started in La Bañeza, León, a region in northwest Spain almost one hundred years ago. Luengo has traditional roots but has embraced change from the early decades of dried pulses to the introduction of cooked pulses in the 80s, sold in jars and, in recent years, pulse and vegetable combinations and mini options. Luengo is now a market leading brand sold all over the world.




Gaspar Luengo Rodríguez established Legumbres Luengo all those years ago a mill and a “horreo” where produce from the fields were stored. With the acceleration of growth in the Spanish economy and the fast-changing markets of the 1960’s and 1970’s, not least in the retail distribution of food products, Luengo adapted its business from supplying in bulk to other producers and packers of pulses to the development of its own branded products for sale in shops and supermarkets. Today, some two-thirds of its products are its own brands.


In the last 25 years, the company has grown substantially to be one of the largest producers of pulses in Spain, increasing it’s range of varieties of pulses and constantly developing its product range. In recent years, it has introduced premium “Protected Geographical Indication” products, a growing choice of dry and cooked organic lines and innovative products that are a meal in themselves.


One of the challenges facing Luengo (and the rest of the sector) is to boost the consumption of pulses in their Spanish market and overseas. Pulses may not be high on the shopping list of most British shoppers but tastes are changing with vegetarian, vegan and health foods, generally, offering the pulses sector the opportunity for growth. Luengo is playing its part with its new products.