Sollana, Valencia

SIVARIS is one of three brands of Albufera Foods. SIBARITA opted for the SIVARIS brand products because we liked the similarity of names and we also liked their innovative, attractive and modern packaging.

Albufera Foods has cultivated rice for more than a century in the ecological environment of the Natural Park of the Albufera de Valencia, in the Natural Park of the Marjal de Pego-Oliva and other areas of the Valencian Community.

The raison d’etre of Albufera Foods is the production of rice, combining the traditional knowledge and methods of yesteryear, with the latest technology. The harvest is limited, not only by the environment but also by theirartisan methods of cultivation controlling each bud one by one, [up the stem] to achieve a select harvest of the highest quality. Without these traditional methods, the biodiversity of the Albufera wetlands would be threatened. The crop is pampered from seed to final packaging.

Albufera Foods considers itself privileged to enjoy the special climatic and geographical characteristics that produce rice of extraordinary quality. Their rice carries the seal of Denomination of Origin “Arroz de Valencia” certifying that the rices are native varieties, cultivated and packaged within the Natural Park of the Albufera and the Natural Park of the Marjal de Pego – Oliva.

Over the years, Albufera Foods has introduced other types of grains beyond rice, to meet the changing needs of the market and to adapt to the geographical and climatic characteristics of our environment but always maintaining a balance between tradition and innovation.


Albufera Foods cares about the environment with passion. Valencia’s La Albufera Natural Park is their habitat. The company participated in a project, “STUDY OF NEW VARIETIES OF ARROZ IN THE AREA OF THE ALBUFERA OF VALENCIA”, aimed at expanding the company’s product range with two types of pigmented rice (red and black) that are not currently grown in Spain; and organic rice that until now had not been grown in the Albufera Natural Park.


Since the launch of the SIVARIS brand, it has won numerous awards for the innovative design of its packaging and has been chosen by prestigious chefs and leading retail outlets. Their products are also endorsed by top quality Denomination of Origin seals, the Natural Park Product and  the Ecological Crop certificate.