Traditional Spanish Dishes You Need To Make

Spain is known for its great and tasty food. The country has endless amazing tasting dishes that make your mouth water at the sight of them, and you can make them at home to experience the wonderful taste whilst experiencing the creation of the dish yourself.


traditional Spanish foods

Starting with the national dish of Spain paella is a rice dish originally from Valencia, which is on the coast and offers tons of amazing seafood options. Paella is commonly made with meat or fish paired with rice and vegetables, however, for vegetarians and vegans, you can use a meat replacement or chickpeas and other lentils so you can experience the dish for yourself. The most common types of paella are chicken paella, seafood paella, or mixed paella (a combination of seafood, meats, and vegetables).

You can create the dish using simple ingredients like rice, saffron, vegetables, chicken, and seafood, just replace seafood and meat with a substitute or lentils for those vegetarians. The dish is comforting and is amazing to share with family, just like Spanish tradition. The meal is usually cooked in a paella pan, although this is traditional and really adds to the experience you can use a standard pan sitting in your kitchen.

Our shop offers traditional paella ingredients as well as paella kits for you, your family or guests allowing you to taste the dish of Spain in the comfort of your home.


traditional Spanish foods

Gazpacho or Gaspacho is a cold soup made of raw, blended vegetables. It originated in the southern regions of the Iberian peninsula and spread into other areas. Gazpacho is most popularly eaten in Spain and Portugal, especially during hot summers, as it is refreshing and cool.

Spanish cookbooks often classify gazpacho as a salad. The most frequently encountered gazpacho is an uncooked mixture of tomatoes, garlic, olive oil, water, vinegar, onions, cucumbers, and green peppers, thickened with bread crumbs.

You can create the dish from scratch and truly experience the culture, or have a pre-made gazpacho from our variety of flavours which you can customise with your own toppings of breadcrumbs.

Patatas bravas

traditional Spanish foods

Patatas bravas, also called patatas a la brava or papas bravas, all meaning “spicy potatoes”, is a dish native to Spain. It typically consists of white potatoes that have been cut into 2-centimetre-wide cubes, then fried in oil and served warm with a spicy sauce.

The dish is a popular choice for tapas (an appetizer or snack in Spanish cuisine), every tapas bar across the globe will most likely have this tasty and classic dish on the menu. Tapas bars like to keep things simple with small plates, straightforward dishes and bold flavours that stand up to popular Spanish wines and cocktails.

Pimientos de Padron

traditional Spanish foods

Padrón peppers, also called Herbón peppers, are a variety of peppers from the municipality of Padrón in northwestern Spain. This dish is yet another that will be found on the menus of tapas bars everywhere. The dish is actually very simple to make, so if you are longing for some holiday atmosphere at home, pimientos de Padron is a perfect choice to spice up your taste buds ready for the Spanish atmosphere.

You can serve pimientos de Padron as part of a big tapas buffet for your family and guests or as a delicious, savoury snack. The dish is most popularly paired with a glass of Spanish wine alongside other small tapas dishes to embrace the Spanish culture. The traditional way to serve pimientos de Padron is hot from the frying pan, sprinkled with salt flakes and to drizzle with a few drops of high-quality olive oil and lastly sprinkle with freshly chopped parsley for the final touch. Our shop offers organic salt and spices to add to your pimientos de Padron alongside organic and high-quality olive oils ready to add that extra taste to complete your traditional Spanish tapas dish.

What makes this dish so creative and enjoyable with tapas is that pimientos de Padron is a game of chance if a pepper is hot or mild! Most of them are usually mild in taste, with a slight savoury bitterness to them, however, one in ten will be spicy, making it a fun game to share with family or guests.

Organic Spanish ingrediants and condiments for each of these dishes are available on our site to make your dish tasty and a perfect way to taste Spain from your kitchen at home. With meals like gazpacho you can even purchase an already made dish and have it delivered to your home, allowing you to easily taste organic Spanish foods in your home with ease.