What does Sibarita mean?

What does Sibarita mean?

The word ‘sibarita’ is a phrase used across the Mediterranean area of Europe and does not have a literal translation. A term commonly used in Spain meaning ‘the good things in life’.

From a google search you may find answers saying, ‘lover of gourmet food’ or ‘devoted to a life of leisure and luxury’.

This unique and stylish word can be traced back to ancient Greece around 720BC, then it was spelled as ‘Sybarite’ and related to a members of a Greek commune who settled in an area situated on the Gulf of Taranto on the southern coast of Italy, where its inhabitants lived a notably lavish and luxurious lifestyle.

The city Sybaris was founded by Achaean and Troezenian settlers who brought wealth to the area by utilising its beautifully fertile land and easy accessible port.

One of the many reasons we chose this as our company name is that here at team Sibarita, we believe that great food brings not only pleasure and great taste; but also a healthier and happier wellbeing, Physically and mentally.

We also always aspire to bring you, the customer, the best and most reliable services whilst also being as ecologically friendly as possible.


What does Sibarita mean?Sybaris – pictured 2009