Has your Olive Oil Set?

Has your Olive Oil Set?

If the olive oil you receive seems cloudy or has sediment at the bottom. Do not worry!

This is perfectly normal when the oil is stored under 50°F, as this is the ideal storage temperature.

If your olive oil you receive is set, this will not compromise the taste or quality of your product. A quick fix for this is to soak in warm (not hot or boiling!) water for 5-10 minutes.

For example, our Las Valdesas range of oils are naturally decanted through stainless steel drums, therefore the oil settles at the bottom of the tanks. Consequentely; if you have bought them just after the harvesting season, between November and January; the olive oil will be newly ground and it will be cloudy, whereas if you buy them later, they will be more transparent because many of these elements in suspension will be already decanted.

In conclusion, if your olive oil product arrives in a similar consistency to the image below. Do not worry. This is perfectly natural and will be ready for use in no time!

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